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Delivering something distinct, whether it be in terms of concept, innovation or execution, can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Since 2001, we have strived to achieve the extraordinary on a daily basis.

Since 2001, we have strived to achieve the extraordinary on a daily basis.

Our impeccable reputation is built on the outstanding qualities we show in all areas of our business, and that’s why our clients are so confident of the work we are producing today. Utilising both our Brand Solutions and our ever-growing Publishing Portfolio, we enable our clients to achieve their objectives efficiently and on time.

Our team

UKWM is driven by the team’s unflinching enthusiasm for working at the highest level, and we always strive to produce our very best in all departments.

The business ethic of UKWM has always revolved around building a positive rapport, with colleagues and clients alike, and that’s a key part of our success. In short, we enjoy working with each other, and we’re certain you’ll enjoy working with us.

  • Jamie Harwood - Managing DirectorJamie Harwood Managing DirectorJamie founded UKWM in 2001, and was one of the world’s first AdWords certified professionals, going on to become a leading pioneer across paid search. When he isn’t masterminding digital strategies, he can be found in the rain watching his son dominate the rugby field.
  • Mark White - Commercial DirectorMark White Commercial DirectorMark cut his performance marketing teeth in 2004, the year Facebook was launched and Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction. When he is not staring ponderously into space he is in the pub working on his next grand plan for world domination.
  • James Breckenridge - Operations DirectorJames Breckenridge Operations DirectorJames is the Operations Director at UKWM, and a direct descendant of the Prince of Persia. Day to day he switches between campaign planning, search, web development and laughing like Mutley.
  • Matt Holmes - Head of Key AccountsMatt Holmes Sales DirectorMatt is a footballing legend who succumbed to performance marketing in 2006. His interests include the odd charity chest wax, trips to Florida and gaining half a stone per year in the industry. He once helped his team lose an FA Cup match.
  • Emily Mansfield - Business Development ManagerEmily Mansfield Business Development ManagerWhen Emily’s not developing our business she’s busy helping other people’s retail companies thrive as a result of her shopping addiction. She loves holidaying to Italy, walking her pooch Monty and is Beyoncé’s biggest fan.
  • Laura Edwards - Insight ManagerLaura Edwards Insight ManagerLaura is our Senior Account Manager working on Broadband Finder. Laura has a passion for visiting new places around the world and wants to see the Northern Lights one day. She enjoys baking, shopping, wine and has a Cockerpoo called Riley.
  • Emmie Knight - Account ManagerEmmie Knight Account ManagerEmmie is our most vertically challenged team member, and she has long struggled with the art of swimming in a straight line. Her fondness for chocolate is matched only by her love of slippers, and she is a big fan of Greek food. She also likes fire.
  • Hollie Varndell - Account ManagerHollie Varndell Account ManagerHollie joined UKWM in 2014, and when she isn’t being an awesome Account Manager she is shopping, sleeping or popping out to travel the world. She recently visited New Zealand and Fiji, and embraced both ends of the travelling spectrum by swimming with dolphins and camping in a field with sheep.
  • James Kinge - Account ExecutiveJames Kinge Account ExecutiveJames Kinge brings unrelenting youthful exuberance to the role of Account Executive. He loves powerboating, wakeboarding and urban sports, and manages this on a diet of snacks. He has built a guitar which changes colour. It reflects his mood.
  • Dan Platt - Web DeveloperDan Platt Web DeveloperDan is our stats overlord and technical problem-solver, always there when things break so he can tell us to turn them off then on again. He enjoys bad T-shirts and Star Trek.
  • David Yell - PHP DeveloperDavid Yell PHP DeveloperDave exists in a state of perpetual befuddlement, cushioned comfortably by his pragmatic outlook. When he is not pondering and contemplating, he likes video games, coding and outdoor activities.
  • Steve King - Head of DesignSteve King Head of DesignSteve is our head of design, effortlessly adhering to the creative stereotype of obsessing over Apple products, drinking too much coffee, and sporting a scruffy beard.
  • Cameron Runcie - Web DesignerCameron Runcie Web DesignerCam is one of our web designers, and a committed adrenaline junkie. He loves sky diving, scuba diving and skiing, and when he isn’t launching himself off or into things, he likes golf, swimming and gaming.
  • Harriet Monsen - DesignerHarriet Monsen DesignerHarriet is a graphic designer and avid festival-goer with a mild obsession for green tea. When she isn’t looking into the latest design trends, making lists, walking into things or illustrating, she can be found cocktail-tasting around the globe.
  • James Pickard - Senior CopywriterJames Pickard Senior CopywriterJames likes music, football, guinea pigs, tattoos, Guinness, cats, films, Breaking Bad and comfy socks. He is our Senior Copywriter, and a semi-talented musician. He has transcended the need for sleep.
  • Nathaniel Dalby - CopywriterNathaniel Dalby CopywriterNathaniel likes video games, wrestling and catching up on TV shows everyone’s already watched. When not writing content, he enjoys trawling eBay to find old PlayStation games and cassette tapes for his car in order to avoid the perils of local radio.
  • Charlotte Whyatt - CopywriterCharlotte Whyatt CopywriterCharlotte likes puppies, terrible reality TV, hip-hop and superhero movies. Apart from writing content, she enjoys listening to podcasts and (badly) attempting to bake.
  • Sam Powley - Finance ManagerSam Powley Finance ManagerSam loves spending time with her family and going on holiday to places where there won’t be rain. She is a massive fan of Jessie J, and she controls everyone’s money, so we are all very nice to her.
  • Claire Reynolds - Office ManagerClaire Reynolds Office ManagerClaire is our Office Manager who loves to organise! When she is not at work she enjoys spending time with her daughter, and at the end of a busy day she likes nothing more than a good movie with a chilled glass of white.

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Our clients include...

  • DHL
  • Plusnet
  • Robinsons
  • EE
  • Virgin Media
  • P&O Ferries
"UKWM are our longest standing partner. We have had a very close working relationship for over 10 years now. During this time they have delivered large volumes of sales for BT and worked in partnership with us to strive for continuous improvement." BT